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This year's DucksGive offers five unique challenges for donors to support UO Libraries and all students including student employees. These challenges help promote student engagement, cultivate community, grow library collections, and encourage research opportunities. 

One of this year's most exciting challenges is a new gaming center in the Allan Price Science Commons and Research Library. This space would promote student engagement through various forms of gaming: board games, video games, and more. 

It would also help students:

  • Increase cognitive skills
  • Build peer-to-peer collaboration and teamwork   
  • Boost creativity 
  • Provide stress relief
  • Develop career skills such as critical thinking and problem solving using technology

Jordyn Johnson, an undergraduate student studying marketing and analytics, is particularly excited about this challenge.

“I think having a space for people who enjoy all things games, not just E-sports, is important for community building. When students have a space they can enter, that allows them to be around other students who enjoy the same things, it creates enriching experiences that promote growth and wellbeing.” 

Your donation will provide Ducks with enriched experiences, hands-on learning, and creative collaboration. Please consider giving today. 

Another challenge this year honors the love of learning in Klaus Galda’s name. He was a long-time friend of the UO who enjoyed as many opportunities to learn as the university could give him and passed his knowledge on to his many students. 

Participate in this year’s DucksGive Day to help today’s students Fly Forward! Give any amount over $5 to any challenge to support UO students and libraries.                                                                                                                                                       

How You Can Make a Difference

Give. You make the difference, so please give a gift toward your favorite challenge today! Your gift will help unlock challenge gifts throughout the day to maximize impact. Help us grow the number of gifts we receive this year to 100+!

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President Scholz Student Emergency Fund Challenge
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UO Libraries Harper Challenge
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UO Libraries Honoring Klaus Galda Challenge
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UO Libraries Pamela McClure-Johnston Challenge
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