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Special Projects
Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics


The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics encourages civic engagement and inspires enlightened dialogue by bringing students, scholars, activists, policymakers, and communities together to discuss issues affecting Oregon, our nation, and the world. The Wayne Morse Center trains future public leaders to reach beyond partisan labels and conflicts to encourage fresh thinking and effective solutions to public problems. It carries on the fighting spirit and political independence of Oregon’s Senator Wayne Morse by promoting education and research to advance justice and democracy.


Give to the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics during #DucksGive, and support civic engagement and enlightened dialogue.


The Parents' Fund


The UO Parents' Fund is a unique fund set up to support areas on the UO campus that directly impact the student experience. UO parents have asked that specific areas on campus be funded through the Parents' Fund and because of our unique partnership with Student Life, we have done just this. The Parents' Fund directly supports student engagement activities, leadership and service programs, career services and student safety and health programs.


Give to the Parents' Fund for #DucksGive, and help make a positive impact on the student experience at the University of Oregon.


SPICE Scholarship Fund


SPICE stands for the Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence. SPICE offers cohort based summer camps in science for middle school aged girls. The goal of the program is to encourage more girls to pursue science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers by fostering of love of science. SPICE camps last for two weeks and provide a host of exciting hands-on science activities lead by relatable instructors using well-researched techniques for engaging children with science.


SPICE scholarships help girls who do not have the resources to secure other forms of science outreach, girls for whom a college education may seem out of reach. In addition to providing campers with a rich science experience, camp also places emphasis on exposing girls to the university setting and showing them ways to access higher education, regardless of their socioeconomic status. 


Give to SPICE by clicking the link above during #DucksGive, or visit their DuckFunder crowdfunding page to learn more and/or give throughout the entire month of May.


More to Come. Keep checking back for updates!


Special Projects Donor Heatmap
Rank State Donors
1 OR 15
2 CA 3
3 WA 1
#DucksGive Donor Challenge
Thank you for making #DucksGive a success for all University of Oregon units!
Rank Unit Gifts
1 Intercollegiate Athletics 354
2 School of Journalism & Communication 220
3 UO Libraries 218
4 School of Law 212
5 College of Arts and Sciences 153
6 Museum of Natural and Cultural History 144
7 College of Education 135
8 Clark Honors College 103
9 UO Alumni Association 96
10 College of Design 83
11 Lundquist College of Business 75
12 Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 54
13 Presidential Priorities 49
14 School of Music & Dance 48
15 Division of Student Life 34
16 Student Services & Enrollment Management 34
17 Oregon Bach Festival 27
18 Office of International Affairs 27
19 Graduate School 23
20 Special Projects 22
21 KWAX 19
#DucksGive Dollar Challenge
Thank you for making #DucksGive a success for all University of Oregon units!
Rank Unit Raised
1 Intercollegiate Athletics $111,052.00
2 School of Journalism & Communication $91,008.00
3 Lundquist College of Business $75,145.00
4 UO Libraries $27,910.00
5 College of Arts and Sciences $24,376.36
6 College of Education $24,338.00
7 School of Law $23,498.16
8 Clark Honors College $14,185.00
9 Division of Student Life $10,270.00
10 College of Design $9,795.00
11 UO Alumni Association $9,080.00
12 Museum of Natural and Cultural History $7,560.00
13 Oregon Bach Festival $4,500.00
14 School of Music & Dance $4,455.00
15 Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art $4,270.00
16 Presidential Priorities $4,000.00
17 Office of International Affairs $3,125.00
18 Graduate School $2,050.00
19 Student Services & Enrollment Management $1,890.00
20 KWAX $1,607.00
21 Special Projects $1,580.00
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