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Destination: Student Success 

The UO College of Arts and Sciences is forging a new trail in higher education with the Tykeson College and Careers Building.

Leading business publications such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal affirm that today’s employers are demanding graduates with a tested portfolio of liberal arts skills— communications, analysis, problem-solving, collaboration and more. 

But many students don’t know how to transform their liberal arts education into career preparation.  Universities across the nation are grappling with the best way to help undergraduates navigate their academic experience and more intentionally set themselves on a path to a meaningful future.

The UO is leading the way with Tykeson Hall.  

Designed from the ground up to align academic advising, career guidance and portfolio-building opportunities, Tykeson Hall will be a concrete realization of the promise of a liberal arts education, creating a welcoming environment that engages all UO students.

W. Andrew Marcus, Tykeson Dean of Arts and Sciences, has made a personal investment in Tykeson Hall—a $50,000 gift. He invites you to join him in supporting generations of future students with your own gift. 

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