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Inspire resilience by honoring the professors and programs that inspired you!

No matter where we are, we are all Ducks. And we all remember—and are grateful for—that special professor or instructor who inspired us or changed our lives. Please join us today in honoring our amazing faculty (and supporting our students) with a gift and note of thanks. 

At the Lundquist College of Business, we give students the know-how to make a lasting impact on their professions, communities, and society. And they learn from the best—faculty members who are top scholars in their fields and veterans of the industries they teach. 

In supporting the Lundquist College of Business as part of Ducks Give 2021, we’re asking you to thank those who came before and support those who come next by honoring the professors and instructors at the college making a difference in the lives of students and preparing them to lead with resilience and integrity. 

You can choose to make a gift today to student scholarships by supporting our Business Administration Scholarship Fund or the Excellence Scholarship in the Lundquist College of Business, which is focused on supporting business students from underrepresented populations and/or first generation students. Or, you can give to the Lundquist College’s Investors Fund, which enables the college to pursue strategic enhancements to student services, scholarships, curriculum, experiential learning, and more. 

Regardless of where you choose to give, all those donating today will have an opportunity to write a note of thanks or inspiration when making their gift. Notes of gratitude to professors and instructors will post on the Ducks Give 2021 donor wall along with donor names.

Feeling the Ducks Give spirit? Here are some well-loved professors and instructors for inspiration:

  • Deb Bauer
    Academic Director, Oregon Executive MBA | Peter and Molly Powell Distinguished Senior Instructor II of Finance
  • Michele Henney
    Bashaw Senior Lecturer II of Accounting | Student Engagement Coordinator, School of Accounting | Capstone Advisor
  • Stephen McKeon
    Associate Professor of Finance | Inman Research Scholar | Academic Director, Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis
  • Nagesh Murthy
    Roger Engemann Professor of Operations and Business Analytics
  • Ellen Schmidt-Devlin
    Executive Director, Portland Programs | Cofounder and Executive Director, Sports Product Management Program
  • Doug Wilson
    Peter and Molly Powell Senior Instructor II of Marketing | Academic Director, Business Fundamentals | Lead Capstone Administrator | Capstone Advisor

Is there another faculty or staff member you wish to honor? No problem. Just select “Other” and write in their name.

Thank you for supporting our students and honoring our faculty today. Your support and encouragement makes all the difference—even more so in these challenging times.

Lundquist College of Business Supporters
Rank State Gifts
1 OR 54
2 CA 16
3 WA 4
Lundquist College of Business Professors’ Video Challenge
You did it. Thanks for helping us meet our first Ducks Give challenge. Your gifts to the college unlocked an inspirational message from our highly regarded faculty. And a big THANK YOU for inspiring others by honoring those who came before while supporting those who come next. Let’s keep it going.
Lundquist College of Business Professors’ Video Challenge #2
Your gifts to the college unlocked a message from Stephen McKeon on our Ducks Give page and @UOBusiness social media channels. Your donations today are supporting our exceptional student services, student scholarships, experiential learning, and more. Thanks for helping students. You are a making a difference.
Lundquist Business Excellence Scholarship Challenge
THANK YOU. You did it. With 50 donations to the Lundquist College, you unlocked a $100,000 scholarship gift from Jim ’64 and Andi ’64 Sandstrom. Thank you Jim and Andi! Student scholarships help us attract and support exceptional students, boosting our rankings, and enabling students to graduate with less financial burden. Together we are all making the world and business better. Once a Duck, always a Duck.
50 / 50 Gifts
Lundquist College of Business Investors Fund Challenge
Wahoo! Thank you! You unlocked a $100,000 gift from Scott ’74 and Linda ’74 Andrews, plus an additional $25,000 from Jim ’64 and Andi ’64 Sandstrom—both in support of the Lundquist College Investor’s Fund. Gifts to the Investors Fund enable the college to pursue strategic enhancements to student services, scholarships, curriculum, experiential learning, technology, and more. Investors Fund gifts are key to helping support the next generation and building out our vision of making the Lundquist College the top destination for undergraduate business education on the West Coast.
80 / 80 Gifts
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