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You've always done so much for your child. From soccer games to camping trips to countless evenings helping with homework, your UO student has counted on your love and support. Now that your Duck has come to the University of Oregon, your support comes in the form of calls home, care packages, and help with tuition.

Another way to ensure that your student has the best of everything is to make a gift to the UO Parent & Family Fund.

The UO Parent and Family Fund is a unique fund set up to support areas on the UO campus that directly impact the student experience. UO families have asked that specific areas on campus be funded through the Parent & Family Fund, and because of our unique partnership with the Division of Student Life, we have done just this. The Parent & Family Fund directly supports student engagement activities, leadership and service programs, career services and student safety and health programs.

Each year over 1,700 parents and grandparents make generous gifts to strengthen this vibrant living and learning environment. Give to the Parent & Family Fund during Ducks Give, and help continue the Oregon tradition of providing students with a thriving campus culture in which your student can learn and grow.

Parent & Family Fund Supporters
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 8
2 FL 1
2 IL 1
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